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Small acts of kindness via Charitable Donations towards scholarship-group and partners essay writing competition and scholarships is powerful enough to make major headlines in our mind and on our website.  For every dollar you give, you give one person a future and you have invested in the hopeless. Donations are a good deed. If you donate towards our essay competition, you have successfully encouraged writers with originality and creativity. Moreover, investing in a scholarship for the poor students means you have prepared the future of a person. It doesn’t matter how small you give, what really matters is your heart and act of donation.

Your donation could buy books for a student, buy them a coffee, or put a smile on their faces because they can afford to pay for the printing of their assignments. The world is a better place when we care for one another. A dollar you donate on varsity will be used for essay competition to reward the applicants. Moreover, your donation could be used for scholarship purpose depending on what you specify during your donation.

Please use the donation button bellow, you can write us if you will like to donate more via admin (at) Remember, your donations can make somebody happy, it can buy a cup of coffee for a poor student, it can print assignment for a student, it can pay for a bus and it can reward hard work. When you are being rewarded for your hard work, you will be encouraged to work harder. You can make this world a better place by donating on Use the buttons bellow.

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